Will my child be safe at camp even if he/she cannot swim?

ALL campers wear life jackets, which we provide, whenever they are near the water. 

Can the boats flip over?

It is physically possible for a big enough kid to intentionally flip a boat. However, they can't flip accidentally. 

My child has his/her own life jacket. Do they have to use a camp vest?

Not at all. If your child has a class 3 PDF that they would prefer, they are welcome to use it. Keep in mind, however, that they will be bending a lot at the waist and reaching, so bulky life jackets may prove to be more of a hindrance. 

There is bad weather predicted for my week. What happens then?

We will have camp everyday, however, we may not go on the water. If you would rather keep your child at home during the thunderstorm than have them playing with us indoors, that's fine. You are also welcome to bring them late if the weather clears up. 

My child has a very serious allergy--how can I insure that other kids will not bring snacks that my child simply cannot be near?

Please inform us in advance if this is the case and we will let all the other parents know that a certain item will be off limits for snack all week. 

What if my kid decides that he/she doesn't like rowing? 

We've never had that happen, but there are plenty of other activities at camp for the less-than-enthusiast. 

 Coming your way, Cornell!!! Coming your way, Cornell!!!







The 50m relay victors make the best of their moment on the truck-bed-podium!The 50m relay victors make the best of their moment on the truck-bed-podium!

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